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Drill Pipe Inspection and repair specialist

We specialize in Riser and Drill Pipe cleaning and preserving :

  • Damaged Buoyancy Removal
  • Removal of seals
  • HP Washing of main connectors
  • HP Washing of main tubes and aux lines ID’s with rotating nozzle
  • Removal of threaded inserts
  • Visual inspections of aux line pins and boxes
  • Preservation of main tube and aux line ID’s with corrosion inhibitor using Rotocoater
  • Cleaning and greasing of all fasteners and threaded inserts
  • High pressure cleaning of riser ID’s– up to 800 Bar
  • Drafting and control of Identification sheets
  • Fitment of covers
  • Pressure washing of Drill pipe OD and ID 
  • Rotocoating of Drill pipe ID’s with corrosion inhibitor
  • Pipe and connection inspections